First Upload: Wednesday March 13, 2019
Last Modified: Wednesday July 8, 2020

The Revised Book of Isaiah

Author: Eduardo Freire Canosa
(University of Toronto Alumnus)

I grant the entire contents of this webpage including all the MS-WordPad Files to the public domain


The project of attempting to revise the entire Book of Isaiah came to mind on the heels of finishing this old webpage. It has taken several months and a lot of hard work to complete. During the course of the work it became apparent that the Book of Isaiah has two authors. One is Isaiah son of Amoz who wrote most of the first half of the book during the monarchies of Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz and Hezekiah. The second is a mysterious figure who produced most of the second half of the book in Babylon during the exile of the house of Judah.

The chapters written in whole or in part by Isaiah son of Amoz are often a ball of spaghetti, a hodgepodge of scripts whose verses are themselves entangled. The task of disentangling the mess met with varying success. There are verses that fit only in one spot (e.g. Isaiah 29:17) but there are verses which set well in several places (e.g. Isaiah 42:18).

Happily the Babylonian Isaiah left a substantial number of mostly pristine narratives, and this provided relief and encouragement to persevere to the end. The results of the project are presented below in the section named "The Revised Book: MS-WordPad Files."

MS-WordPad Files Layout

There are sixty-one files in the section entitled "The Revised Book: MS-WordPad Files" below, corresponding to sixty-one revised chapters of the Book of Isaiah. Historical chapters 20, 36-39 were not examined.

Every file begins with the canonical text of the chapter. This is followed immediately by a short comment under the heading "Synopsis." The Synopsis will inform the reader whether or not all the canonical verses were exported. If they were, that particular file will contain no revised text at all and will wear the tag, "Blank." There are fifteen such files corresponding to canonical chapters 12, 16, 28, 31, 32, 35, 43, 44, 47, 52, 56, 57, 59, 61 and 65. A reader interested in the revised text alone can ignore them. A reader interested in ascertaining why or whereto a particular verse or block of verses was exported should not.

A file may interpose up to four sections between a Synopsis and a Revised Chapter. These sections are:

How To Use A Revised Text

Forty-six files below contain revised text. Every file has a unique title which is also the hyperlink on which the reader must click to open the file. The application "WordPad" that comes with the MS-Windows-10 O.S. will open all the files. My "WordPad" opens every file below in "letter" paper size and locks it. If you want to unlock the page setup you must save the file to your computer first.

The numbering format of the verses is standard. Thus the tag 65:8 means chapter 65, verse 8. One-number tags default to the current chapter number.

Non-sequential verse numbers are highlighted yellow. This lets the reader calculate the degree of chaos in a revised text easily, dividing the number of yellow highlights by the total number of verses. Thus the degree of chaos for Revised Chapter 24 is 61.7%, signaling a cluttered text. In contrast Revised Chapter 34 has no yellow highlights, therefore its degree of chaos is zero and its text tidy, pristine.

The Revised Book: MS-WordPad Files

  1. The Invasion of Judah During The Reign of Ahaz

  2. The Mountain of The Lord

  3. The Lord's Displeasure With Judah And Jerusalem

  4. The Branch of The Lord

  5. The Vineyard of The Lord

  6. The Vision of The Lord

  7. The Lord's Testing of King Ahaz

  8. Assyria Will Invade Judah

  9. Ephraim

  10. Assyria

  11. The Root of Jesse

  12. Blank

  13. Babylon

  14. The Philistines

  15. Moab

  16. Blank

  17. Damascus

  18. Cush

  19. Egypt

  20. Historical chapter 20 was not reviewed.

  21. Four Short Oracles

  22. Shebna

  23. Tyre And Sidon

  24. The Day of The Lord

  25. Psalms of Praise To God

  26. The Lord Is The Rock Eternal

  27. Sing About A Fruitful Vineyard

  28. Blank

  29. Ariel

  30. The Oracle About King Ahaz

  31. Blank

  32. Blank

  33. Ephraim Allies Itself With Aram

  34. Edom

  35. Blank

  36. Historical chapter 36 was not reviewed.

  37. Historical chapter 37 was not reviewed.

  38. Historical chapter 38 was not reviewed.

  39. Historical chapter 39 was not reviewed.

  40. Comfort Zion

  41. The Lord Versus The Idols

  42. The Servant In Whom The Lord Delights

  43. Blank

  44. Blank

  45. Cyrus

  46. The First Prophetic Utterance About Cyrus

  47. Blank

  48. Leave Babylon, Flee From The Babylonians!

  49. Israel The Servant of The Lord

  50. Isaiah The Servant of The Lord

  51. Awake, Awake, O Zion!

  52. Blank

  53. The Righteous Servant

  54. The Lord And Zion Reconciled

  55. The Lord Addresses The People

  56. Blank

  57. Blank

  58. Come Now, Let Us Reason Together, Says The Lord

  59. Blank

  60. The City of The Lord, Zion of The Holy One of Israel

  61. Blank

  62. For Zion's Sake I Will Not Keep Silent

  63. Now Our Enemies Have Trampled Down Your Sanctuary

  64. Our Holy And Glorious Temple Has Been Burned With Fire

  65. Blank

  66. This Is The One I Esteem

Suggested Index For A Revised Book of Isaiah

The first two sections attempt a chronological sequence.

Major Edits After Wednesday March 13, 2019

The very few edits of the year 2019 entailed uncertain changes of punctuation. Thereafter a long period of rest encouraged me to confront refreshed the only vexing issue extant in the original work, the final verses of Revised Chapter 1. Originally Revised Chapter 1 ended with an unresolved stack of ten auguries, all using the adverbial phrase, "In that day." The stack stayed until the summer of the year 2020.

On Tuesday June 23, 2020, six auguries were taken out of the stack: 12:1-3, 12:4-6, 25:9, composite 27:13 plus 42:17, 28:5-6 and composite 28:21 plus the second half of 33:23. All were transferred to Revised Chapter 8, "Assyria Will Invade Judah." Please note that the sixth does not begin with, "In that day."

On Monday July 6, 2020, three other auguries were removed: 7:23-25 was exported to Revised Chapter 5, "The Vineyard of The Lord"; 7:21-22 was transferred to Revised Chapter 6, "The Vision of The Lord"; and composite 17:7-8 plus 27:9 was sent to Revised Chapter 7, "The Lord's Testing of King Ahaz."

Now Revised Chapter 1 ends with just two auguries whose location is wholly satisfactory.

Lastly the accounting of outgoing, incoming and retained verses was double-checked for every file. The few mistakes found were put right.

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